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310 Allen Street
Dayton, Ohio 45410




St. Mary Mass Schedule

   Monday - Thursday - All Spanish
     6 PM Rosary and Mass              Reconciliation following Mass

      4:30 PM Combined Mass at
      Immaculate Conception

      9:15 AM Reconciliation - English
      9:45 AM Mass - English
    12:15 PM Mass - Spanish

Letter from Fr. Satish
Invitation to One Bread, One Body Retreat


Fr. Satish Joseph and Tutu

Fr. Satish Joseph



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On this Day O Beautiful Mother, George Brun Soloist

I Saw Three Ships

Recorded at St. Mary Catholic Church, performed by St. Mary Music Director Kathy Maresca (organ) and Eric Knorr (trumpet).


1920 Austin Organ Played in Concert by Ugo Sforza

1920 Austin Pipe Organ

On this Day O Beautiful Mother, George Brun Soloist
Ave Maria
Kathryn Maresca, Organ
Guy McIntosh, Trumpet
St. Mary 150th Anniversary

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Being Catholic - Archdiocese of Cincinnati

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