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Parish Organizations

Parish Council
The Parish Council consists of members selected as representatives of the parish, nominated by parish members and designated by the pastor.  The chairs of the various coordinating committees also participate in Parish Council.  The Parish Council, an advisory council to the Pastor of St. Mary Parish, represents the needs, ideas and hopes of the parish community, supports parish ministries, evaluates the quality of parish commissions and programs, and plans for the future of the parish by recommending ways to further fulfill the Church's mission.  For more information, call the office at 937-256-5633 and leave a message for Mark Bruggeman.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee provides the administrative and financial skills necessary to sustain the mission and ongoing development of the parish community.  The Finance Committee assists the pastor in preparing budgets, overseeing maintenance and improvement of parish facilities, and in stewardship of parish funds.  For more information, call the office and leave a message for Mark Bruggeman.

Worship Commission (Regional)
The Worship Commission plans and coordinates regular and special liturgical celebrations throughout the year and oversees the liturgical ministries.  It is comprised of members from both St. Mary and St. Benedict.  For more information, call the office and leave a message for Les Weller. 

St. Vincent de Paul Volunteers from St. Mary Catholic Church in Dayton, OHSt. Vincent de Paul Society
The St. Vincent de Paul Society provides emergency assistance to the less fortunate residents of our neighborhood for numerous needs on an ongoing basis.  The society is supported by parishioners and donations.  The Food Pantry, located in the St. Mary Center, is open on Tuesday and Thursday from
9-11:30 AM.  For more information, please call the office and leave a message for Tim Kinney and the Food Pantry.

St. Ann Society

St. Ann Society


The St. Ann Society is a women's organization within the church dedicated to advancing God's work by promoting Christian values and spiritual growth within families through corporal works and Christian education.

The St. Ann Society performs many functions within our church community.  Our members sew and launder the purificators and corporals used by the priest during mass.  The society also purchases the candles used on all the altars, as well as purchasing the floral arrangements used in the sanctuary and the side altars throughout the year.  They also support the church with monetary donations that are used for capital improvements throughout the church, such as the boiler fund or any other improvements needed on, or within, the church and its grounds.

Organizations projects are funded through donations (annual envelopes), a rummage sale held in the Spring, a holiday bazaar that is held in the Fall, and baked goods sold during the two fish fry fund raisers sponsored by the Holy Name Society on the first Friday in February and November.

All women of our church community are automatically members of the St. Ann Society.  The society meets on the first Sunday of the month at 10:45 AM in the St. Mary Center.  The women of our society are members of the parish council, serve as Eucharistic ministers, lectors, sacristy workers, ushers and also sing in the choir.

We are a group of women devoted to promoting and furthering Christ's work throughout the community.  We do this by prayer, education, financial support and active participation in church activities.

For more information regarding the St. Ann Society, we encourage all women of the parish to attend one of our monthly meetings.  If attending a meeting is not possible but you wish to volunteer your time aiding in the success of any of our fund raisers or church projects, leave your name and number with the church office and a member of the St. Ann Society will be in touch with you.

St. Mary Holy Name Society (HNS)
Holy Name SocietyThe Holy Name Society is the Men's organization of our parish. The national organization formally identifies itself as a Confraternity, which is defined as "a voluntary association of Catholic lay people that exist for the promotion of special religious devotions (the Holy Names of God and Jesus), acts of piety and spiritual and corporal works of mercy."  The National HNS has ties to the Dominican Order.  Although the St. Mary HNS is not directly associated with the national organization, we are inspired by these same basic principles.

All men of the parish are considered to be members of the HNS.  The HNS meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 PM.  We also sponsor the Fellowship of Work and meet on Monday evenings to work on capital improvement projects, such as painting the railings, hall maintenance, and other activities.  We also construct the Christmas Nativity Crib, Raising of the Christmas Star and Holy Sepulcher displays in Church during those significant seasons of our shared faith.

Our activities are funded through donations (annual envelope) and two Fish Fry fund raisers held each year on the First Friday of February and November.  We also fund various Parish capital improvements and have provided financial support for several past projects, including windows, organ renovation, and most recently, the boiler replacement fund.

Members of the HNS can be identified each week at Mass as Lectors, Lay Distributors, Choir Members and Ushers.  For more information, we invite you to attend one of our meetings or drop in on a Monday evening to see what our latest project involves.  Please watch the bulletin for up-to-date activities or ask someone at Mass for more information.  All men are welcome!  You can also give your contact information to the Church office or leave a message for Jerry Woeste.

Coffee and Donuts
Provides an opportunity for parishioners and guests to meet on the first Sunday of every month after the 9:45 AM Mass.  Many thanks to Patty Stevens and her helpers.

Fund Raising
Throughout the year, the parish sponsors several fund raising activities to help support the Church's operating budgets. For more information, call the office and leave a message for Mark Bruggeman.


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